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Oklahoma Commercial Property Claims

Commercial property damage is, in some instances, even more dangerous for property owners than the loss of a home. By working with countless numbers of tornado and storm victims in the Oklahoma area, the attorneys at Smith Kendall Buxton Law Group have gained a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by business owners who are suddenly unable to operate due to tornado damage, especially when the insurance money they are depending on for repairs is held up or denied for any reason.

Running a business in an area prone to tornados carries with it inherent risks, and most businesses carry pricey and comprehensive insurance to protect them in the event of a major storm causing serious damage to their property. Unfortunately, many insurers are reluctant to make good on their obligations when the time finally comes for a policyholder to make a claim, leaving business owners with no funds to make repairs and their means of income crippled.

Commercial Property Claims We Handle

Years of experience working in the legal and insurance fields have allowed our attorneys to develop a firsthand understanding of the realities of tornado damage and the struggles associated with obtaining fair compensation for policyholders who have suffered damage to their commercial property in a tornado. The complexity of such claims can include business income loss, the physical damage to a property, loss of inventory, and a range of other damages that an insurance company may be unwilling to quantify.

Our attorneys are well aware of the degree of difficulty associated with convincing an insurance company to pay for the full value of your covered losses, and are committed to providing the following services for our clients:

  • Detailed reports and estimates of damages
  • Evaluation of the legal validity of your insurer’s decision regarding your claim
  • Full and exhaustive investigation of all damage done to the property
  • Obtaining expert testimony from third party witnesses such as engineers and contractors in order to support your claim

With the considerable resources of our firm at your disposal, you can negotiate on even ground for a fair settlement following your business losses.

Discuss Your Commercial Property Claim

If your insurer is pressuring you to accept an underpayment or has denied your commercial property claim outright, you have further options. Contact the experienced attorneys at Smith Kendall Buxton Law Group today by calling (405) 551-8499 for a no-cost evaluation of your case.